Daniela Melandri

Dr Daniela Melandri is the Future Cities Catapult Research and Development Funding Manager and wdanielaorks daily with UK, EU and International partners in shaping/delivering collaborative research and development projects in the Urban landscape.

On behalf of Innovate UK, Daniela is coordinating the SUGI ERANET Call on Sustainable Urbanisation, which is a joint activities between the JPI Urban Europe and the Belmont Forum http://jpi-urbaneurope.eu/calls/sugi/

Daniela has been working in the EU Research and Development arena in the last 15 years, with an experience of four EU Research and Innovation projects as official coordinator (leader). She is a visiting lecturer in some EU universities on Sustainable Buildings (Brunel University and others EU). Daniela has been researching on Sustainable Buildings around the world since 2005 travelling and visiting more than 25 countries. Parallel to her scientific expertise she has experiences in Science Media and Communication (as exec producer and presenter for two science series for RAI). Daniela holds a PhD in Engineering – Energy Management a MSc in Industrial Engineering and a Master Business Administration degree. Daniela is a mum of twins a boy and a girl.