The Equilibrium Network Charter has been written to help organisations working across the built environment develop strategies for improving and monitoring their gender diversity.  It looks at eight different aspects of business development, under three key headings:

1:  Cultural Commitment

Championing diversity
Transparency and feedback

2:  External Relations

Project opportunities
Marketing and business activities

3:  HR and Behaviours

Salary and promotion
Flexible working
Training and mentoring

If you would like a copy of the Charter please complete the registration form where, in the final section, you will be able to tick a box asking for a copy.  For information, a pdf of the registration form is here


We are keen to see whether the Charter is effective in helping improve profitability, innovation and well-being through gender diversity.  To this end, we are asking organisations to sign up to a pilot scheme by adopting the Charter and measuring the effectiveness of any change.  As well as contributing to a suite of robust and vital data that will help us explore how gender diversity can be delivered at senior level, we hope this exercise will benefit the organisations that take part.

The intention is that, over the course of six-months, participating organisations will track progress to see whether adopting the Charter is making a difference to their businesses, and identify how easy (or not) the Charter is to implement.

If you would like to take part in the pilot, you will need to register (as above) to request a copy of the Charter.  You will also need to complete the metrics questionnaire which gives baseline data against which the pilot will be measured.  The deadline for joining the pilot is 31 January 2018, although the responses to the metrics questionnaire are not needed before 15 February 2018.  For information, a pdf of the metrics questionnaire is here