divaircity contest for young people

As part of the DivAircity H2020 programme, an exciting competition has launched today: Diversity and Inclusion Green City Pan-European Contest.

As part of the wider programme, this is a special contest for young people, as today’s change agents and citizens of the future.

This contest is the place and time for younger generations to share their ideas and dreams on how to make cities sustainable and inclusive for them.

The contest is open to any young person in the EU aged between 13 and 19.

Organised in teams, youngsters will have to design one of the five cities in DivAirCity (Aarhus, Bucharest, Castellon, Orvietto and Potsdam) using green spaces. A team will be composed of minimum 2 young people (aged 13-19) + an adult over the age of 18 (teacher, care taker, trainer, parent, etc) as a mentor.

They will have to use their creativity to design a space that is comfortable, healthy, safe and appropriate for their needs and lifestyles. 

Each city jury will select the best project, which will be presented both locally and in Brussels. The 5 city winners will then compete for the international award.

To read more about the contest or to register to take part, visit Divaircity Pan-European Contest

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