We are proud to announce that along with 25 fellow consortium members, we have secured funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 for an amazing project called DivAirCity.

This is an ambitious project with a focus on gender, that aims to shift the urban paradigm by valuing human diversity as a resource that can help define new urban services and models for culturally-driven green cities. 

The project will run from September 2021, for four years and will explore the power of diversity and social inclusion as a mean of reducing air pollution and achieving a green urban nexus in climate neutral cities.

Equilibrium Network has already been strongly involved in helping to define DivAirCity’s strategic aims and, as the project becomes a reality, we look forward to ensuring that women’s voices are heard in the planning, delivery and long term legacy of all DivAirCity’s initiatives.  We will do this by building on our five objectives:

  1. To create an international network open to new initiatives and making change happen.
  2. To influence the industry to deliver diversity and inclusion, with a particular emphasis on women.
  3. To promote the needs, preferences and aspirations of women in the design of our built environment.
  4. To address the attrition rate of women working within the industry.
  5. To increase the number of women at the top of organisations that create and shape the built environment.

To find out more about DivAirCity, visit the website:  https://divaircity.eu

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