We are a network of game changers: women and men of influence, with minds that are open to new initiatives and who are able to instigate change within their organisations.

Members are invited to join the network by the Steering Group.

As a group, we are here to help the wider industry and, between us, we have a wealth of expertise and experience.    We collect data, share our knowledge and support organisations through The Equilibrium Network Charter, the research we commission, as well as our events and other activities.

As individuals, we commit at least three days per year to:

  • Being an accessible role model, promoting diversity both within our own organisations and through external networks.
  • Advocating the business benefits of gender balance at senior level to other organisations and individuals who may need support on this agenda.
  • Mentoring and supporting aspiring future female leaders in our own organisations, or in complementary organisations, to enable them to achieve their leadership potential.


Anyone wishing to access The Equilibrium Network’s knowledge and support is asked to register as a Friend of The Equilibrium Network.

Friends are invited to our events, debates and lectures and have the opportunity to contribute to the network’s Case Studies and research initiatives.