New online event coming soon

Join us on Weds 14th June at 12pm for ‘The Power of Communication’. This free virtual event will provide a thought-provoking discussion which will explore the transformative impact of effective communication strategies. Through a series of engaging presentations and interactive discussions on topics such as data visualisation and inclusive language, attendees will gain insights on how to improve the breadth of their communication skills and learn new ways to collaborate.  Our lineup of esteemed speakers includes industry experts and seasoned communicators, all eager to share their knowledge and experience with you as well as answer your burning questions in our Q&A session. 

The forms part of The Equilibrium Network’s work on DivAirCity, an EU funded project which spans across 5 European cities; Aarhus (Denmark), Bucharest (Romania), Castell√≥n (Spain), Orvieto (Italy) and Potsdam (Germany). We are delighted to invite delegates from those 5 cities, as well as people from our UK network.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the transformative power of communication in the built environment. Register now to secure your spot.