4th panellist added!

Kristin Birkeland is the 4th panellist to be added to our lineup of esteemed communication experts. Don’t miss out, register for your free place now.

Join us on Weds 14th June at 12pm for ‘The Power of Communication’. This free virtual event will provide a thought-provoking discussion which will explore the transformative impact of effective communication strategies. Through a series of engaging presentations and interactive discussions on topics such as data visualisation and inclusive language, attendees will gain insights on how to improve the breadth of their communication skills and learn new ways to collaborate.  Our lineup of esteemed speakers includes industry experts and seasoned communicators, all eager to share their knowledge and experience with you as well as answer your burning questions in our Q&A session. 

The forms part of The Equilibrium Network’s work on DivAirCity, an EU funded project which spans across 5 European cities; Aarhus (Denmark), Bucharest (Romania), Castellón (Spain), Orvieto (Italy) and Potsdam (Germany). We are delighted to invite delegates from those 5 cities, as well as people from our UK network.

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Miriam Quick

Miriam Quick is a journalist, author and musician who explores novel and diverse ways of communicating data. She co-creates artworks that represent data through sound, images and sculpture. These have been exhibited at museums and galleries internationally. She is the co-founder, with Duncan Geere, of the Loud Numbers data sonification studio. Loud Numbers started in 2021 as a podcast. Each episode transforms a data story into a piece of music. Her book, I am a book. I am a portal to the universe., co-authored with Stefanie Posavec, won the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize 2021 and an Information is Beautiful Award 2022.

Emily Horton

Over the past 8 years, Emily Horton has helped charities, think tanks, policymakers, investors and fast-growth tech companies find their voice. With a background in social anthropology and economics, Emily has worked on national campaigns to tackle loneliness; raise awareness of unaccompanied child refugees in Kent; improve social care for isolated elderly people and bolster financial literacy among millennials. During her time as a financial journalist at Dow Jones Emily focused her reporting efforts on diversity and inclusion. She profiled female financial leaders, wrote articles about Pride in the City of London, mental health and stress in the workplace, sexual harassment cases and the lack of Black asset managers. Alongside this, she oversaw her paper’s journalism access scheme in partnership with Speakers for Schools. Emily founded More Diverse Voices while taking part in the post-graduate social innovation programme Year Here and holds a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology from Cambridge University. In 2023, she was listed as one of Pioneers Post x NatWest Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise. As a neurologically diverse and queer writer, Emily believes that justice, equality, diversity and inclusion are crucial to creating a society where everyone can flourish.

Muyiwa Oki

Muyiwa Oki is a Senior Architect at Mace Ltd and was elected as President of the Royal Institute of British Architects from 2023 – 25 on a campaign to speak up for the future, promote inclusion through transparency and embrace digital culture. As an Architect at Mace, he is focused on technology and innovation, working on Modern Means of construction projects. As founder and chair of the Multi-Ethnic Group and Allies (MEGA) network, he has experience relating to non-executive responsibilities ranging from assembling a leadership committee to providing guidance and specialist knowledge to the Human Resources teams. Throughout his career, Muyiwa has worked on large-scale infrastructure projects such as HS2 Euston and the North London heat and power project. He enjoys working with public estate clients with a strategic mission to revitalise cities using design on schemes with ambitions greater than the project/team. 

Kristin Birkeland

Kristin Birkeland is an experienced teacher, social entrepreneur, activist and artist. She has worked for over 20 years nurturing and igniting creativity in education and across organisations. As a graduate of the Kaospilot leadership program, she has served as former Team Leader and coach at the school and is recognised for her expertise in building strong learning cultures. She developed the course Powerful Presence (https://www.kaospilot.dk/product/powerful-presence/) , where she empowers participants to unlock their leadership voice with joy and courage and find more freedom in expression. Kristin is also co-founder of the NGO ‘Citizen Change’ (Sager der Samler www.sagerdersamler.dk ) which has become a national point of reference in Denmark for the innovative potential of citizen mobilisation. Her work brings together citizens who dream of a better future and equips them to become active shapers and shared problem solvers in their community. She continues to broaden her repertoire of practices by recently completing a year long study in working with horses for therapeutic purposes. Kristin is an exhibited artist and offers art-based coaching.